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Cemix Pavseal


CEMIX PAVSEAL is a stain resistant water based penetrating clear weatherproofing sealer. It is based on silane modified nano particle size, self-cross linking hybrid technology and can be effectively used for impregnating and sealing a variety of pavers. It provides adhesion, penetrating and sealing properties on various substrates because of the nano dense self-cross linking particles. There is little or no impairment of the paver’s ability to breathe and exhibits a good MVTR (moisture vapour transmission rate). It can be successfully applied on damp pavers, although not saturated wet pavers. The application does not produce any discolouration of the surface and is suitable for weatherproofing and sealing a wide variety of absorbent surfaces. Not suitable for very dense substrates like marble and granite. It can also be used on timber decks, outdoor furniture, timber wall cladding, clay roof tiles, fibre reinforced cement sheets etc.



·         Environmentally friendly green product

       ·         Hybrid sealer – penetrates as well as coats

·         Exhibits a high degree of stain resistance

·         Chemically resistant and non toxic

·         UV stable – will not go yellow over time

Coverage: Depending on the porosity of the pavers – covers 5m2 - 14m2 per litre. Two coats are recommended.
Packaging: 1 litre, 4 litre, 20 litre and 200 litre plastic pails.


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