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Coloured Oxides

CEMIX Coloured oxides are used to add colour to your concrete and/or mortar.
The following colours are available:
Light Brown
Dark Brown
These oxides are available in convenient screw top jars.
Directions for Use:
For a 25Kg bag of concrete mix approx 300gms of Oxide and for a 40Kg concrete bag - 500gms of Oxide is recommended.
For a 30Kg Mortar bag - add approx 500gms of Oxide.
For a 30Kg plaster/render bag of CEMPLASTER mix 300gms of Oxide.
If you are doing a site mix; please add between 1Kg to 4Kg of coloured Oxide per 40Kg of Cement.
As a general rule - coloured oxide is added at a ratio of 1% to 4% by weight of cement in the mix. To much Oxide will make the resultant mix weak.
Please make a sample first and get it approved before you proceed with the entire job
The packaging sizes available are 500gms, 1Kg and 25Kg.

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