Cemix® Crystal Proof is a surface-applied, integral crystalline concrete waterproofing & durability enhancing material, which waterproofs and protects concrete in-depth.

It consists of Portland cement, specially treated quartz sand and a compound of active chemicals. Cemix® Crystal Proof needs only to be mixed with water prior to application. When Cemix® Crystal Proof is applied to a concrete surface the active chemicals combine with the free lime and moisture present in the capillary tracts of the concrete over time to form an insoluble, crystalline structure. These crystals continuously fill the pores and micro cracks in the concrete preventing any further water ingress (even under high hydrostatic pressure). These crystals are active for the life of the concrete meaning it is permanently protected. The product still allows the passage of vapour through the structure (i.e. the concrete will be able to “breathe”). In addition to waterproofing the structure, Cemix® Crystal Proof protects concrete against seawater, wastewater, aggressive ground water and many other aggressive chemical solutions.

Cemix® Crystal Proof is suitable for use in contact with potable water and therefore can be used in water storage tanks, reservoirs, water treatment plants…etc. Cemix® Crystal Proof is not a decorative material.

It is typically used for:
• Any structural concrete requiring waterproofing & enhanced
• Water retaining structures
• Basement retaining walls
• Swimming pools
• Drinking water tanks
• Underground structures
• Sewage & water treatment plants
• Parking structures
• Marine structures
• Concretes exposed to chemicals

2Kg, 4Kg, 10Kg & 25Kg.


Surface Applied: All surfaces should be dampened just prior to product application. Apply the slurry paste generously to a damp roughened substrate using a stiff bristle masonry brush or suitable spray equipment. Apply product in one or two coats as specified. Avoid rain damage to the new coating until it has set.

Dry Shaking: Dry shake the powder through a sieve into the top of the screeded concrete slab or topping mortar just prior to initial set. Trowel finish the product into the surface. Avoid rain damage to the surface until it has set.


Start by mixing a small amount as product stiffens rapidly. Mix only as much material as can be applied in 15 - 20 minutes. Add water to product, not product to water. Add approximately 250ml - 300ml of water for every 1kg of product. Mix with a drill & paddle until the desired consistency is achieved. Mix thoroughly for 2 - 3 minutes. The desired consistency should resemble a semi-fluid slurry paste. Use product immediately. In very hot weather consider using chilled mixing water. Keep remixing product during the application process.


Approx. 250ml - 300ml of water for every 1kg of product


Vertical Surfaces: Apply product in two coats at a total coverage of approximately 1.6kg of product per m2. Apply the second coat to the ‘green’ first coat as soon as the first coat is touch-dry. The time between coats should not exceed 4 hours.

Horizontal Surfaces: Apply product in one coat at a total coverage of approximately 1.5kg of product per m2. Alternatively, dry shake the powder through a sieve into the top of the screeded concrete slab or topping mortar just prior to initial set & trowel finish at a coverage of approx. 1kg per m2.

COVERAGE: Approximately 1.6kg of product per m2.

PACKAGING: Cemix® Crystalproof is available in 2kg, 4kg, 10kg & 25kg.

STORAGE & SHELF LIFE: Cemix® Crystalproof can be stored in its original container tightly sealed in a dry place for a period of twelve (12) months after production.

CLEANING: Clean all tools with water & brush immediately after use.

For more details download MSDS of the product.

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