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in Building Systems in New Zeland

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Cemix, a brand renowned for its trusted reputation, has been delivering exceptional product value through pioneering solutions in the building sector for over four decades. Driven by a passion for innovating responsible building solutions, Cemix stands as the premier provider of cutting-edge building systems, embodying its vision and mission to lead with inventive service and solutions.


We house the most advanced manufacturing facility which enables us to produce innovative products that are perfectly suited to the New Zealand market. Our continuous product improvement program and industry-leading technical expertise ensure that high standards of product quality, customer service and satisfaction are maintained.


Our values that drive us include, to: Fuel Passion, Drive Innovation, Embody Integrity, Embrace Responsibility, Build Belonging


Our Vision & Mission

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Cemix Products Limited stands at the forefront of the building industry as a leader in providing innovative solutions.


With over 40 years of experience, the company is committed to passionately innovating responsible building solutions.


The vision of Cemix is clear: to be the premier solutions and service provider of innovative building systems, ensuring high standards of quality, customer service, and satisfaction.


Their values mirror their dedication to excellence and underpin a legacy of trusted reputation through their advanced manufacturing facility and continuous improvement programs in New Zealand.


Our values are essential in guiding our mission to be a leader in innovative building solutions.

These include Fueling Passion through deep engagement, Driving Innovation with creativity and continuous improvement, Embodying Integrity by upholding ethical standards, Embracing Responsibility for our actions and their impacts, and Building Belonging by fostering an inclusive and empowering environment.

These principles not only align with our vision but also shape our interactions with communities, customers, suppliers, and partners, steering us towards excellence, integrity, and a strong sense of community.

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