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Welcome to our new website – what can it do for you?

So we figured, what is a good news story for our new website? Our new website of course! If you are reading this then you are enjoying the new look site, jam packed with the most up to date offerings within the 6 suites of products. The whole idea about launching this new version was […]

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Marae DIY’ing again

We are extremely proud to once again be associated with the fantastic team at Screentime, in supporting the new season of Marae DIY. Filming has just started and plenty of Cemix product is going out to site; all for a fantastic cause. https://premiersolarcleaning.com/ Builder Suni will be working his magic on site with the local […]

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Where to start with sealers

If you are wanting assistance with sealer choice then we can guide you through the steps, ensuring that the final result looks and performs as good as possible. For any successful project using best practice, we like to have you consider it as a 3 part process of Clean / Protect / Enhance. CLEAN Regardless of […]

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A Better Way with Cemix

Youth at Risk – Overnight Basketball Stars Cemix works closely with There’s A Better Way foundation supporting local New Zealand communities. There’s A Better Way strives to build positive improved communities and inspire members of the community to find better way’s of working together. simplealternatives.com There’s A Better Way believes in proactively contributing to the […]

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Cemix part of New Zealand’s first Passive House Project

Cemix is fully committed to New Zealand’s quest for sustainable development and has recently partaken in the creation of New Zealand’s first “Passive House”. Cemix is not faint hearted when it comes to doing it’s part to be environmentally friendly – with it’s patented innovations and efficiencies in the production processes, we have a relatively […]

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