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CEMIX A.P. R.A is a chemical release agent, amber in colour, which reacts with the cement to produce a smooth finish to concrete. CEMIX A.P. R.A is applied to the inner face of shuttering, formwork and moulds, before the casting of concrete. CEMIX A.P. R.A is used to break the bond and allow an easy release between the cast concrete and the formwork. May also be used to stop the build-up of concrete on tools, handling equipment and machinery.


Spray or paint a thin coating of CEMIX A.P. R.A on to the casting surface of all forming before each pour or cast of concrete. Apply to the backs and sides of all forming at regular intervals to allow for easy cleaning. The regular use of CEMIX A.P. R.A on timber forming lowers maintenance costs and increases the effective life as well as producing a waterproof coating.


  • Easy bond breaking
  • Easy stripping of forms
  • Smooth, stain free concrete
  • Formwork is protected against continuous wetting and drying action
  • Does not affect subsequent bonding of paint, plaster or waterproofing
  • Can safely be used on all tools etc
SUBSTRATE PREPARATION Enuse moulds and formwork is clean and dry LIMITATIONS Pour concrete within 24 hours of application of CEMIX A.P. R.A APPLICATION CEMIX A.P. R.A is supplied ready for use, no thinning necessary. Apply by brush or spray, a thin coating of CEMIX A.P. R.A to wooden or steel shuttering formwork or moulds, before each concrete cast. For plant, handling equipment and machinery etc., hose clean and spray with CEMIX A.P. R.A at the end of work. Pouring can take place straight after, or at least within 24 hours. AGITATION Agitate product well before use. COVERAGE Non absorbent (Steel) - 30 – 60m2 per L. Smooth Plywood – 20 – 40m2 per L. Rough Swan Timber – 15 – 25m2 per L. PACKAGING 4L, 20L (plastic pail or jerry can) and 210L drum. STORAGE & SHELF LIFE CEMIX A.P. R.A can be stored for Twelve (12) months in original, unopened containers when stored in dry conditions between +5OC and +30OC. Keep containers closed in a well ventilated area when not in use. Do not expose to direct sunlight in storage. CLEANING Clean all tools with water & brush immediately after use

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