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CEMIX ACCELERSET is a calcium chloride based accelerator used with Portland Cement mortars, renders and concrete where acceleration of the set and high early strength development is required.


CEMIX ACCELERSET is ideal for use when concrete has to be laid when limited time is available for the completion of the work. The addition of CEMIX ACCELERSET to Portland Cement mixes speeds up the rate at which the mix sets and hardens, gives a high early strength development and increases the density of the mix. These improvements in performance mean that formwork may be stripped earlier than normal. The use of CEMIX ACCELERSET improves the abrasion resistance of concrete mixes, makes them less porous and reduces the danger of surface dusting. Portland Cement mixes containing CEMIX ACCELERSET may be used for:

  • Cold weather concreting
  • Industrial flooring
  • Machine bases and pits
  • Sea defence work
  • Road repairs
  • Precast work giving faster mould turn around. Earlier stacking reduces storage space


  • Accelerates setting time of Portland cement mixes
  • Speeds the hardening rate of Portland cement mixes
  • Increases the density of Portland Cement Mixes
  • Makes concrete less porous
  • Gives high early strength
  • Improves abrasion resistance
  • Reduces dusting
MIXING Dry mix all cement and aggregates. Add the required amount of Accelerset to the mixing water and stir thoroughly. (2 litres Accelerset to 18 litres of water per 40kg of Portland Cement per mix, maximum dosage for normal work.) Add the solution to dry cement/aggregates and mix in usual manner. The following tables show the changes in performance characteristics when Accelerset is used. APPLICATION Portland cement mixes containing Accelerset are applied by normal methods. The timing of each operation will be faster using Accelerset and work should be planned accordingly. DOSAGE RATE Use Cemix Accelerset at the rate of 400ml per 1 kg of cement. Normal dosage is 1 - 2litres per 40kg bag of Portland cement although up to 4 litres per 40kg bag of cement may be used if very fast setting times are needed. Please obtain technical advice before using larger dosage. CURING Adequate curing of Portland cement mixes is absolutely essential, to prevent cracking and crazing of finished surfaces. The curing operation should commence as soon as possible after final trowelling, but no later than 6 - 8 hours after finishing. A wet curing operation should be continued for 24 hours to ensure that good results are obtained. PACKAGING CEMIX ACCELERSET is available in 1L, 5L, 20L (plastic pail or jerry can) and 210L drum. STORAGE & SHELF LIFE CEMIX ACCELERSET has a shelf life of 12 months minimum when unopened in original containers. CLEANING Clean all tools with water & brush immediately after use. AGITATION Thoroughly agitate before use. TECHNICAL DATA
  • APPEARANCE: Green Liquid

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