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CEMIX BRICK AND BLOCK SEALER is UV stable, eco-friendly, non-toxic water repellent non-flammable water-based penetrating and film-forming repellent treatment that will protect concrete and masonry from water and chloride intrusion while still permitting water vapour transmission. It is a low viscosity silane system which is absorbed into the porous substrate and then reacts to produce a bonded hydrophobic lining to the pores thus effectively impregnating and sealing a variety of brick and block surfaces. It has adhesion, penetrating and sealing properties due to nano dense self-crosslinking particles. It can be successfully applied on slightly damp but surface dry substrates. The application does not produce any discolouration of the surface and is suitable for weatherproofing and sealing a wide variety of absorbent surfaces including cementitious roof tiles.


• For sealing a variety of brick and block surfaces


  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Makes the substrate water repellent
  • Hybrid sealer – penetrates as well as coats (thin film).
  • Allows the substrate to breathe
  • Chemically resistant and non toxic
  • UV stable – will not go yellow over time
  • Weather resistant
  • Resistant to dirt and stains
  • Resists moss and algae
  • Simple application – preferably by roller or spray


Ideally this sealer should be applied on new freshly constructed brick or block wall surfaces. The brick, block or roof tile surfaces should be water blasted and made clean, free from grease, loose particles, dirt, paint, curing compounds etc. Moss or algae growth should be removed with a suitable treatment and washed with clean water.
There is not a sealer suitable for all types of bricks, blocks, or other surfaces. Never apply more product than is being absorbed into the surface you are sealing. If product is pooling on the surface, brush the excess off. If you feel no product or very little product is being absorbed, stop and seek technical assistance. Always do a test area first to approve the look and feel before doing the entire area. Ensure there is no rising damp as this will make the sealer surface cloudy. Over application can make the surface slippery especially when wet.


Shake or stir thoroughly before use. Always test apply on an area first to approve the look and feel. CEMIX BRICK AND BLOCK SEALER should be applied without diluting in two coats to ensure complete coverage and saturation of the surface. Apply with garden sprayer, roller or brush. Depending on the porosity of the substrate – coverage of approximately 5m² – 14m² per litre can be achieved.

There is no one sealer for all types of surfaces. The golden rule is to never apply more product than is being absorbed into the surface you are sealing. If product is pooling on the surface, brush the excess off. Do not let product pool on surface as this can result in excessive build up which is difficult to remove.If you feel no product or very little is being absorbed, stop, and seek technical advice from Cemix. Always do a small test area first and approve look and feel.


  • Appearance – White translucent emulsion
  • Application Temp – 5°C – 30°C
  • Type Anionic, Silane Modified Dispersion
  • Ph 7.5 to 9.0
  • Density @ 2°C 1.06Kg/Lt
  • Odour Acrylic

The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations may occur on site.


Not to be used to make structures integrally watertight.


Twelve (12) months when stored in unopened, original containers. Storage area should not be exposed to extreme temperature. Do not expose to direct sunlight in storage.CLEANING
Spray or roller equipment should be washed out immediately after use with water.

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