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CEMIX BRILLIANT WHITE is a Portland Cement which is characterized by its superior whiteness, uniform composition and performance. It is suitable in any application that requires premium whiteness and strength.


CEMIX BRILLIANT WHITE cement is a rapid hardening portland cement with high (2 days) and (28 day)l strengths, produced of extremely pure limestone and finely-ground sand. CEMIX BRILLIANT WHITE cement is white Portland cement characterized by its high whiteness exceeding 90 based on Hunter L scale and possesses high standard.


Cemix Brilliant White cement gives you the opportunity to choose among all the colours of the spectrum when producing your concrete or dry mix.

  • White concrete is obtained by mixing CEMIX BRILLIANT WHITE cement with pure, light sand and white aggregates like white granite, white marble or crushed calcined flint
  • Light grey concrete is obtained by mixing with ordinary aggregates or with grey portland cement
  • Coloured concrete is obtained by mixing with pigments
  • CEMIX BRILLIANT WHITE cement is often used in white or coloured dry mix for facings
  • CEMIX BRILLIANT WHITE is also perfect in concrete for panels, balconies, cornices, ornaments, paving stones and flags, sculptures, in terrazzo for swimming pools and in light pointing mortar


The light-reflecting properties of CEMIX BRILLIANT WHITE provide traffic with additional safety when you produce kerbs, road markings, medium barriers, tunnel linings and tunnel ramps.


Measure cement, aggregate and water. Place 2/3 of the water in mixer. Add 1/2 of the measured aggregate. Place all the cement in the mixer. Add the remaining aggregate. Gradually add water to the desired consistency and mix for at least 3 minutes.


Measure cement, aggregate and water. Thoroughly mix dry ingredients. Make a hollow then add 2/3 of the water. Mix thoroughly to a uniform colour and consistency. Gradually add water and mix until the desired level of consistency is achieved.


Use clean water


The aggregates have a major effect on the appearance of the finished concrete surface. The aggregates should therefore be selected, stored and used in an appropriate way so as to meet the aesthetic demands to the finished concrete surface. The mix of the aggregates should be kept as constant as possible in order to avoid differences in shade of the finished concrete surface.


All admixes should be colourless to avoid discoloration of the white or light concrete. Air entraining agents are known to reduce the tendency of efflorescence. Such admixes that act upon the setting and hardening should also be used in accordance with usual guidelines. To ensure the requested white colour it is recommended always to make trial mixes.


CEMIX BRILLIANT WHITE cement can be stored for at least twelve months, if kept indoor under suitable and dry conditions. Care should be taken to avoid moist. CEMIX BRILLIANT WHITE cement in bags should be kept inside on pallets with unbroken plastic wrapping until it is to be used. Care should be taken to avoid moisture getting into contact with the cement bags from beneath the pallet. The pallets should be stored in a dry environment at as low a temperature as possible to reduce the rate of moisture uptake. Bulk cement should be stored in air-tight silos, using dried air to transport the cement. If the cement contains lumps it should not be used unless tested, as the strength cannot be guaranteed. Do not store cement bags directly on the ground or on a floor or even with direct contact to an outer wall. We recommend that cement bags are stacked on a counter floor 10-20 cm above the regular floor or on pallets. The cavity below the counter floor should be ventilated to keep the bags dry.

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