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CEMIX CEMPLASTER can be used for plastering over lath wall, block work, brickwork and tilt slab substrates. CEMIX CEMPLASTER displays a high level of workability and coverage; it resists sagging, cracking and shrinkage. The results of CEMIX CEMPLASTER are assured only if it is applied on a key coat of CEMIX CEMSPLASH.


  • Applications where a solid wall plaster in layers up to 12mm are required
  • CEMIX CEMPLASTER is especially suited for professional plasterers
COMPOSITION AND MATERIALS CEMIX CEMPLASTER consists of a uniformly blended, properly proportioned mixture of sands, Portland cement and other admixtures approved for use in mortar to improve water retention, workability and performance of the product. SUBSTRATE PREPARATION Substrates should be clean & free from all contaminants, loose particles, coatings, curing compounds, dirt, mould, oil etc. Substrates must be sound, rough & dampened to ensure a good bond. MIXING Please ensure that CEMIX CEMSPLASH has been applied to the substrate to be plastered. Ensure that the key coat has been given at least 48 hours to cure and harden. The results of CEMIX CEMPLASTER are assured only if it is applied on a key coat of CEMIX CEMSPLASH. APPLICATION Empty contents of CEMIX CEMPLASTER bag into a mechanical mixer. Add water gradually, mixing until a smooth mix is achieved. Under ideal conditions a bag of 30kg bag would require 4.5 – 5L of water and a 20kg bag would require approx. 3 - 3.4L of water. Mix only until you get the desired consistency and don’t over mix. Pour in a barrow and then apply. Prior to applying CEMIX CEMPLASTER please ensure the key coat is moist enough. Do not let the mix stand unused for long periods of time. Depending on the weather, please ensure that the surface is kept moist for 7 days. LIMITATIONS CEMIX CEMSPLASH should be used in conjunction with Cemplaster as a key coat to ensure a good bond.

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