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CEMIX CEMPOXY UA MOTAR is a two part, high performance,
low to no slump, non-shrink putty designed to bond strongly
to dry or damp substrates.


  • Non-shrink

  • Excellent water and chemical resistance


The substrate should be free of dust, grease, wax, oil, dirt, loose plaster, laitance, curing compounds, paint and all other friable materials and contaminants likely to prevent the mortar bonding. All substrates should be structurally sound, securely fastened and properly supported to eliminate any movement that may cause cracking.


  1. 1. Combine each part of the mortar in equal parts with an appropriate tool or by hand.

  2. 2. Continue to mix until a consistent (non-marbled) color is achieved.

Note: Wear rubber gloves. Avoid entrapping air in the putty. Larger volumes will generate heat & reduce pot life.


  1. 1. Apply the mortar to the clean, roughened, dry or damp, substrate. A skim coat can be applied first if required.

  2. 2. Work the mortar into the desired position, keeping any application tools wet.

Note: Once the mortar has been placed, do not disturb it or attempt a rework.

Do not allow the mortar to drop below 10ºC until it has cured

DRYING & CURING: Drying and curing time depends on the substrate, substrate condition, climate, and the type of application. Allow a minimum of 24 hours at 20°C, before commencing further work or trafficking.

Supplier Item#

4 L - 20854, 500 ML - 20855, 1 L - 20856 

Download the Data Sheet for full information:

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