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CEMIX CEMSEAL WATER BASED (WB) is a readily absorbed silane-siloxane emulsion which acts as a high quality general purpose water repellent for impregnating and priming a variety of surfaces. There is little or no impairment of the materials’ ability to “breathe”, allowing water vapor to exit which helps prevent condensation and mildew on inside walls. The treatment does not produce any discoloration or darkening of the surface and has excellent weathering properties. CEMIX CEMSEAL WB is an excellent water resistant for even highly alkaline substrates such as brick, concrete, plaster, terracotta, sandstone and other absorbent stone. It is particularly suitable for exterior walls. It is not so suitable for very dense natural stone, especially limestone and marble. Other surfaces that can be water resistant successfully include timber decks, outdoor furniture, timber wall cladding, clay roof tiles, fibre reinforced cement sheets, gypsum based building materials etc.


  • Exterior walls
  • Water resistant for brick, concrete, plaster, terracotta, sandstone and other absorbent stone
  • Timber decks, outdoor furniture, timber wall cladding, clay roof tiles, fibre reinforced cement sheets, gypsum based building materials etc


  • Water repellent effect on surface
  • Provides good adhesion for paint and plasters
  • Chemically resistant (exhaust fumes, petrol, atmospheric contaminants, etc.)
  • Weathering resistant
  • Resistant to dirt pickup
  • Kills and resists microorganisms
  • Permeable to water vapor
  • Simple application.
  • Reduction in loss of thermal insulation caused by dampness
  • Durable – normally over 10 years
  • Water based and environmentally compatible


Surfaces should be clean, free from grease, loose particles, dirt, paint, curing compounds etc. Moss or algae growth should be removed with a suitable treatment and washed with clean water. For maximum penetration on a very smooth concrete surface, acid washing or water blasting is recommended.¬


Shake or stir thoroughly before use. CEMIX CEMSEAL WB should be applied, without diluting, in two coats to ensure complete coverage and saturation of the substrate. Spraying is the preferred method with larger areas, using either conventional paint spray equipment or a garden sprayer. Ensure coverage of at least 5m2/l per coat is achieved. On absorbent surfaces, repeat or increase rate of application until surface is completely saturated. Re-application at a later date is possible if required. Equipment should be washed out in water immediately after use.
NOTE: There is not a sealer suitable for all types of pavers, tiles, or other surfaces. Never apply more product than is being absorbed into the surface you are sealing. If product is pooling on the surface, brush the excess off. If you feel no product or very little product is being absorbed, stop and seek technical assistance. Always do a test area first to approve the look and feel before doing the entire area. Ensure there is no rising damp as this will make the sealer surface cloudy. Over application can make the surface slippery especially when wet.


  • Appearance – Clear liquid
  • Application Temp – 5 – 30°C
  • Yield / Coverage – Ensure coverage of at least 5m2/L per coat is achieved
  • Packaging – 2L, 4L & 20L Pails and 210L Drums.
    The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations may occur on site.


Spray or roller equipment should be washed out immediately after use with water.


Twelve (12) months when stored in unopened, original containers. Storage area should be not exposed to extreme temperatures. Do not expose to direct sunlight in storage.

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