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CEMIX CONCRETE DISSOLVER is a mineral acid alternative, designed to remove hardened, cementitious material, such as concrete, mortar and grout from a variety of surfaces, including tools and equipment.

TYPICAL USES: CEMIX CONCRETE DISSOLVER can be used on a variety of surfaces including those that are painted or made of metal, steel, plastic, concrete, brick, clay and timber. 


• Easy to use 

• Can be neutralised with water 

• Cleans tools and equipment without scratching, scraping or    hammering

COVERAGE: Varies according to the volume of cementitious material.

PREPARATION: Ensure that the surface is dry before use. If applying to a larger surface, carry out a small test area first.


1. Apply the product with a sprayer or a clean brush. 

2. Allow the product to saturate the cementitious material for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. The surface will turn white upon contact but will gradually darken. 

3. Reapply as much product as required to reduce the material to a soft mush. 

4. Remove the soft mush with clean water at a pressure level appropriate to the volume of mush, surface type and area. 

CLEANING: Clean tools with water immediately after use.

Supplier Item#

500ML - 20835, 5L - 20836, 20L - 21071

Download the Data Sheet for full information:

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