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Crystalproof Admix




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Cemix Crystal Proof Admix is an integral crystalline concrete waterproofing & durability enhancing admixture, which waterproofs and protects concrete in-depth. It consists of Portland cement, specially treated quartz sand and a compound of active chemicals. When Cemix Crystal Proof Admix is mixed with the concrete when it is batched, the active chemicals combine with the free lime and moisture present in the capillary tracts of the concrete over time to form an insoluble, crystalline structure. These crystals continuously fill the pores and micro cracks in the concrete preventing any further water ingress (even under high hydrostatic pressure). These crystals are active for the life of the concrete meaning it is permanently protected. The product still allows the passage of vapour through the structure (i.e. The concrete will be able to “breathe”). In addition to waterproofing the structure, Cemix Crystal Proof Admix protects concrete against seawater, chloride ions, wastewater, aggressive ground water and many other aggressive chemical solutions. Cemix Crystal Proof Admix is suitable for use in contact with potable water and therefore can be used in water storage tanks, reservoirs, water treatment plants.


Any concrete requiring waterproofing & enhanced durability characteristics. Water retaining structures & tanks. Basement retaining walls, in-ground structures, underground structures, tunnels, lift shafts, swimming pools, and drinking water tanks


•Becomes a permanent integral part of the concrete, producing watertight & highly durable concrete.

•Completely effective against high hydrostatic pressure.

•Continuously seals concrete’s pores, capillary tracts and micro cracks for the life of the concrete.

•Continuously seals hairline and small cracks up to 0.4 mm in width for the life of the concrete.

•Protects embedded steel against corrosion by chloride ions.

•Increases concrete’s compressive strength.

•Resists chemical attack (pH3-11 constant contact, 2-12 intermittent contact).

•Provides a range of protection from freeze/thaw cycles, aggressive subsoil waters, sea water, carbonates,chlorides, sulphates and nitrates.

•Waterproofing and chemical resistance properties remain intact even if the surface is damaged.


To clean water slowly pour in the Cemix Crystalproof Admix powder while stirring constantly with a flat stick to a smooth and creamy (paint like) consistency. Allow to stand for 10 minutes, stir before applying and stir occasionally while using to prevent settling.


At 0.8% – 1% by weight of cement is added to the concrete at the time of batching. It is important to have the complete dosage of Cemix Crystal Proof Admix thoroughly mixed throughout the concrete mix. Do not add dry powder directly to wet concrete to avoid admixture balling. See technical advice if required.


1% by weight of cement (0.8% minimum).


Under normal conditions Cemix Crystal Proof Admix will produce normal setting times & increased compressive strengths. Pre-project trial mixes are recommended to establish exact setting times and concrete strengths.


Can be stored in its original container tightly sealed in a dry place for a period of twelve (12) months after production.

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