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CEMIX® DRIVEWAY SEALER is a high gloss, solvent based decorative sealer, designed to enhance the colour and texture of concrete surfaces. It will assist in reducing moss and mould by reducing the amount of water that can enter the concrete. It is clear and of low-medium viscosity in appearance, resembling a medicine syrup. CEMIX DRIVEWAY SEALER is a topical (film forming) product which will not deeply penetrate the surface. When correctly applied, it will not yellow, crack or peel and will offer good scratch and abrasion resistance. CEMIX DRIVEWAY SEALER is applied by roller or spray unit and is fast drying – areas being coated can generally be put into service within 1 day of application.


Domestic and commercial concrete driveways and patios. Concrete/Coloured concrete/Exposed Aggregate/Paving.


  • U.V. absorber – the coating, even clear, will NOT yellow, even in the harsh tropical sun
  • Hard film – the coating is hard with limited flexibility, to resist scratching and the abrasive effect of car tyres
  • Mark resistant – the coating has been designed to be as resistant to marking from black rubber tyres as possible
  • Fast drying – the system is based on a fast drying solvent, so the treated area can be returned to use rapidly. Usually within one day
  • Solvent based system has much improved water resistance, compared to a water based system, where water resisting will cause damage to the film, whitening, and ultimate failure
  • Easy to use – application by brush, roller or spray unit
  • Ideal for coloured concrete driveways


Effective substrate preparation is essential for CEMIX DRIVEWAY SEALER to bond and perform correctly. When sealing new concrete, the surface must be fully cured for a minimum of 28 days before sealing commences. For sealing old concrete, any old coatings must be removed to provide a clean porous surface. Where practical, refer to the manufacturer of the existing coating for the effective removal method or consult CEMIX for advice. All surfaces to be sealed must be free from contamination. Thoroughly clean the area to remove all loose and deleterious materials and debris, including all dust and any dirt, grease, organics, form release or curing agents and oil.


CEMIX DRIVEWAY SEALER is used straight from the tin. Stir thoroughly before use. A diluted first coat by way of the addition of mineral turpentine can be used if desired for more porous surfaces.


The surface being sealed must be completely dry. It is recommended that a test area be done first then allowed to dry, to ascertain the level of gloss achieved per coat. In general, 2 coats are recommended, however some porous concretes may require 3 coats to achieve an adequate build. The time between coats will vary depending on temperatures, however a minimum 4 hours is recommended. To test for drying off, place a finger on a small inconspicuous area. No fingerprint impression should be left on the surface. Regardless of using a roller or spray unit, apply as if it were a paint, using even strokes in one direction. Never apply more product than is being absorbed into the surface you are sealing. If product is pooling on the surface, disperse the excess with a roller.


CEMIX DRIVEWAY SEALER will be tacky whilst drying however will dry rapidly. Each coat will lighten as it dries. In general, areas being coated can be put in to service within 1 day of application, however it is always recommended to allow the product to dry as long as possible.


Before applying any sealer on fresh concrete, ensure a minimum of 28 days for curing.


CEMIX DRIVEWAY SEALER is a decorative product. As with all clear concrete sealers, it will offer a good degree of resistance to water ingress however it must not be considered a fully functioning waterproofing system. For waterproofing please refer to the CEMIX Waterproofing suite of products. CEMIX DRIVEWAY SEALER does not conform to CCANZ CP 01:2014 Code of Practice for Weathertight Concrete and Concrete Masonry Construction.

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