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CEMIX EASYFLOR is a one pack, polymer modified, floor levelling compound that requires only the addition of water before application. When mixed and applied as recommended CEMIX EASYFLOR results in a floor topping having superior adhesion, strength.

Formulated as a premium system for levelling and repairing concrete floors Creating falls or ramps, and covering old adhesive or paints in readiness for carpet, vinyl or tile laying. May be used over wooden floors, however movement in the timber may cause cracking of the floor topping. Excellent water resistance is obtained and rising damp problems alleviated on concrete floors.


  • One pack, just add water
  • May be used over wooden floors (note: movement in timber may cause cracking)


Substrate surface should be clean and free of grease or other contaminants which may affect a good bond. Dust should be removed by vacuum. Any deep cracks should be cleaned out and filled. For maximum adhesion of the topping, a primer coat should be applied. Use CEMIX ACRYLBOND or CEMIX MULTIBOND as supplied. Brush on at the rate of approximately 1 litre per 8 Sq m on smooth concrete, approximately 1.5litre per 8m2 on porous substrates.


Mixing is best done by hand held power mixer or normal concrete mixer, adding a 25 kg bag of CEMIX EASYFLOR to approximately 5 litre of clean water, adding additional water until the desired consistency is obtained. Do not over mix or aerate.


Pour the mixed compound onto the tacky priming coat and screed to the desired thickness. The recommended thickness in one coat is between 3mm & 6 mm. Trowel to give a smooth finish. Depths of over 6mm and up to 20mm thickness can be achieved by applying two or more coats. Subsequent coats must be applied within 4 hours of the previous, otherwise priming is necessary. Small hollows up to 25mm deep may be filled with one coat although an increase in setting time will occur. Only sufficient material for one hour at 20ºC should be mixed at one time. Wash all equipment with clean water immediately after use. Foot traffic should be possible after 24 hours, although floor coverings may be installed when dry, normally 3 -7 days. In hot weather plastic sheeting should be used to prevent rapid drying out.


Varies depending on thickness and temperature. Do not sand for at least 24 hours at normal temperature.


Up to 6mm per coat
Up to 20mm by applying two or more coats
Small hollows up to 25mm deep may be filled with one coat although an increase in setting time will occur

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