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CEMIX FLOOR LEVELLER is an easy to use self leveller, just mix the product with water and pour the slurry on the floor surface. The slurry will level itself. It is supplied as a pre-blended, dry powder designed for application at thickness between 3 – 30 mm in one operation. Normal application thickness is 6 – 8 mm. Not self levelling below 6mm, needs to be manually troweled to level. CEMIX FLOOR LEVELLER is designed as an underlayment screed for use on concrete floor, prior to tiling, carpeting and to cover under floor heating coils.


CEMIX FLOOR LEVELLER enables fast-track floor levelling and in normal conditions access onto the floor is available after 1 – 3 hours and the final flooring can be laid after 7 days (for a 10 mm layer) providing that the substrate is suitably dry. The obtained surface is so smooth that vinyl or carpet can be laid directly onto it and at the same time, provides a durable surface for use in commercial and domestic areas. CEMIX FLOOR LEVELLER combines rapid hardening and self-flowing properties with low shrinkage.


CEMIX FLOOR LEVELLER is principally designed for application on concrete or structurally firm substrates. Any movement joints must be maintained as joints in the new surface.

In appearance, CEMIX FLOOR LEVELLER can be compared to ordinary concrete flooring. As an underlayment, CEMIX FLOOR LEVELLER is compatible with most commonly used adhesives and soft floor finishes as well as with hardwood flooring, ceramic tiles and athletic flooring.


The surface to be treated must be hard, sound and free from surface contamination. All dust and debris should be vacuumed from the surface. Concrete laitance and old coatings should be removed mechanically. Concrete contaminated by oil or grease may require a degreaser.


CEMIX MULTIBOND should be applied to the prepared surface at 1 litre per 8m2 on smooth concrete or 1.5 litres per 8m2 on porous substrates using a soft brush and allowed to become tacky before the CEMIX FLOOR LEVELLER application.


Add approximately 2 litres of clean water in a pail and slowly add 10kg powder while mixing vigorously, preferably with a mechanical mixer. Mixing time is between 3 – 4 minutes depending on the type of mixing equipment used. CEMIX FLOOR LEVELLER should be used within 20 minutes. The mixed material should be in slurry form and poured onto the surface while moving across the
surface at a constant pace when a screed of uniform thickness is required. Levels may be corrected by applying greater or lesser amounts of material as required, and falls may be maintained by pumping from the higher to the lower end. The freshly applied material may be lightly troweled with a serrated steel spatula to assist dissipation of surface bubbles and lines. The semi-hardened material may easily be formed or cut allowing any necessary adjustments to be made.


Depending on the surface to be treated. Normal approximately 10 kg of dry powder per 2m2, corresponding to a layer of 3 mm thickness, is required. Dry powder consumption is 1.7 kg per mm thickness per square metre.

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