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CEMIX FLOOR REPAIRER is a one component, polymer modified, cementitious high strength powder, specifically designed for the patching and repair of floor surfaces. It contains especially graded fine aggregates and admixtures, scientifically proportioned to give an ultra-fine mix.


CEMIX FLOOR REPAIRER can be used as a thin protective coating on concrete, mortar and masonry surfaces. It is ideal for honeycombed or surface damaged concrete and can be used for repairing formwork imperfections. It can also be used for creating falls in surfaces. CEMIX FLOOR REPAIRER can be applied from 1mm – 20mm in thickness.


  • Patches and repairs concrete flooring surfaces
  • Fast setting and rapid hardening
  • Ultra smooth finish
  • Single component pre-blended powder – simply add water and mix
  • Can be feather finished – down to 1mm
  • Excellent bond strength with good substrate adhesion
  • High resistance to water and chloride ion penetration
  • Can be used for interior or exterior


Thoroughly clean the area to be coated so as to remove all loose and deleterious materials and debris, including all dust, dirt and oil. All surfaces should be roughened, uncoated, clean and have an open capillary structure. Any existing paints or coatings must be completely removed. Before application, ensure that the surface is primed with CEMIX MULTIBOND.


The mix ratio for CEMIX FLOOR REPAIRER is 1kg of product to 220ml water.


Pour the required amount of clean fresh water into a suitable mixing container. Next, slowly add the prescribed amount of CEMIX FLOOR REPAIRER powder being careful not to allow the material to clump, while mixing with a slow speed electric drill and mixing paddle. Mix thoroughly until a smooth, lump free consistency is achieved. Normally a mixing time of 3 minutes at 20°C is recommended. Apply the mixed CEMIX FLOOR REPAIRER to the prepared substrate by steel trowel from 1mm to 20mm thickness and allow to partially set before finally trowelling to a smooth finish. As CEMIX FLOOR REPAIRER is fast setting, only mix as much product as can be used in 10 minutes.


Approximately 2.5m² at 1mm thickness.

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