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CEMIX GROUT PAINT is the ideal way to revive a tiled area without removing old or discoloured grout. Suitable over most grout joints, CEMIX GROUT PAINT can be used both indoors on walls and floors and outdoors on walls. CEMIX GROUT PAINT may wear faster in areas subject to regular traffic (floors) or frequent exposure to water and chemicals (showers).


Scrub the grout joints with CEMIX GROUT HAZE CLEANER and allow the joints to dry thoroughly before applying CEMIX GROUT PAINT.


Black, Grey, Light Grey, Beige, Light Beige, Vanilla

  1. Shake bottle vigorously for 30 seconds whilst squeezing the bottle intermittently.
  2. Remove the clear overcap then twist the open/close brush applicator to open in a counter-clockwise rotation.
  3. Holding the bottle upside down, gently squeeze the bottle to allow the grout paint to flow into the brush applicator.
  4. Brush the paint into the grout joint, ensuring that excess paint is not left on the surface of the joint. Try and avoid getting grout paint on the face of the tile.
  5. Allow grout paint to set for 15-20 min. Once touch dry, the grout paint can be cleaned off the tile. Spray a fine mist of water over the project area and let stand for 3-5mins. Using a sponge or cloth, lightly scrub the excess grout off the face of the tiles and lightly clean the whole project area.
  6. Ensure brush is cleaned in water after use.
  7. Allow to cure for 2 hours and then polish the project area with a soft cloth.
  8. When using on outdoor walls, protect the painted area from rainfall for 24 hours after application.
DRYING TIME Grout Paint will be set after 24 hours, after which showers can be exposed to water. Allow longer for lower temperatures or high humidity. CAUTION Do not use in expansion or movement joints. Not suitable for use in swimming pools or for external floors. The long term integrity of the grout paint will be compromised in showers due to frequent exposure to water, soaps, chemicals. For tiles that have a textured or porous surface, check ease of cleaning in an inconspicuous area before use. Not suitable for use over epoxy grout. CLEAN UP Clean brush immediately after use with warm water so that it can be reused for multiple applications, replace the clear overcap. SHELF LIFE 12 months in original unopened packaging

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