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CEMIX LAITITE is a fine, plastic, air-setting refractory mortar containing suitably graded and processed refractory aggregates, providing chemical and ceramic bonds. CEMIX LAITITE is supplied in a ready to use paste which air hardens at ambient temperatures and further hardens with heat. It provides a strong mortar joint which exhibits low permeability to gas flow in a service temperature range up to 1400º C.


CEMIX LAITITE can be used with firebricks in applications such as pizza ovens, fireplaces, furnaces, heat treatment plants, ceramic kilns, power plants, foundries and enamelling ovens. When diluted with water it can be used as a protective wash and as an adhesive bond prior to patching, veneer coating etc.


  • Ready to use
  • Exhibits low permeability
  • Service temperature range of up to 1400°C
  • Can be diluted with water as a protective wash coating
  • Can be used as an adhesive bond prior to patching, veneer coating etc


For fire brick work:

For thin joints (1-3mm) apply straight from the pail to the laid face and side of clean, dry, firebricks using a masons trowel. Press bricks together and trowel off excess. For thicker joints or crack repair suitable refractory sand or refractory aggregate can be added. When using refractory sands and aggregates, first apply an initial bonding coat, then the aggregate coat, then finally a protective coat in a 3 coat method.

Diluted with water:

Dilute with sufficient clean water to give the required consistency for brushing, bagging or spraying as a protective surface wash. Apply successive thin coatings, allowing each coat to dry out thoroughly before applying the next. For urgent repairs or in low temperatures around 5º C – 18º C it is recommended to preheat the firebricks or base surface to around 30º C before the application.


100 bricks will need approximately 20-25kg of mortar.


It is preferable to force dry CEMIX LAITITE shortly after completion of the work. Use a slow fire bringing the temperature gradually finally up to a minimum of 300º C. CEMIX LAITITE cures as a result of moisture evaporation therefore the cure rate will be significantly impaired during cold conditions. During extended cure times extra care must be taken to ensure the mortar does not suffer from water damage. CEMIX LAITITE will not cure at temperatures below 5º C.


To prevent premature hardening of CEMIX LAITITE keep pails well sealed when not in use.


  • Appearance – Grey paste
  • Yield / Coverage – Quantity required for laying dense fire bricks-trowelled joint 200 – 250kg/1000 bricks
  • Packaging – 1.75kg, 3.5kg, 7kg and 38kg plastic pails