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CEMIX MAXCRETE is ideal for all types of general purpose or heavy duty concrete work, especially projects requiring high early strength. It consists of a uniformly blended and proportioned mixture of sands, aggregates, increased proportions of Portland cement and admixtures, designed to improve the concretes strength, workability and performance. CEMIX MAXCRETE is grey in appearance however it can be coloured to suit using selected CEMIX OXIDE POWDERS. It can be further enhanced by using the range of CEMIX decorative sealers and dust proofing hardeners. When mixed to the instructions below, CEMIX MAXCRETE will attain a minimum compressive strength of 45MPa after 28 days.


  •  Concrete jobs with a minimum of 40mm thickness
  • Landscaping, especially heavy-duty work
  • Projects requiring high early strength for quicker serviceability – Structural in 3 days
  • High use traffic areas
  • Heavy traffic areas
  • Appliance and equipment platforms
  • Kerbs
  • Foundations and footings – Residential and commercial
  • Footpaths requiring high abrasion resistance – Residential and commercial
  • Driveways


CEMIX MAXCRETE can be used for everyday general purpose and structural concrete work however with its higher cement content it is ideal for many heavy-duty landscaping, commercial and civil projects. Some heavy-duty projects do require specific strengths or product characteristics. Whilst in general CEMIX MAXCRETE will be an appropriate product for such work, it is recommended that site specific advice be first obtained by contacting CEMIX PRODUCTS LTD.


  • The area to be concreted should first be marked out with string lines
  • Once excavated, ensure the area is firm. A layer of compacted gravel and/or reinforcing steel can be used if required
  • Place 20mm thick wooden boxing edge timber and secure with wooden pegs at 600mm – 900mm intervals
  • Dampen the area before the concrete is placed


  • If only a portion of the bag is being used, the entire contents must first be emptied in to a wheelbarrow and gently yet thoroughly reintegrated, as the materials may have segregated during transport
  • One bag of CEMIX MAXCRETE will require approximately 2.0 litres of clean fresh water • In a clean wheelbarrow or mechanical mixer add approximately half of the prescribed water
  • Next, add the contents of the bag and mix thoroughly for 2 minutes
  • Add more water up to the maximum of 2.0 litres in total and continue to mix for an additional 3 – 4 minutes until a suitable mixture is achieved. The ideal mix should resemble porridge. Do not add more water as this may weaken the finished set concrete
  • Use mixed concrete immediately. Do not allow to stand
  • If no wheelbarrow or mixer is available, CEMIX MAXCRETE can be mixed on a clean flat surface by placing the dry material first, then adding the water and mixing as above


  • Place the concrete in to the boxed area, spreading it evenly with a spade or rake, ensuring that the concrete reaches all corners. Care must be taken to thoroughly work the mix as you go, to remove any air voids. This can be achieved with sharp stabbing motions with the spade. Alternatively, a mechanical concrete vibrating device can be used. Note: CEMIX MAXCRETE contains a higher cement content than standard concrete mixes, therefore it may feel different when placing. This is normal though it may require some adjustment to the time taken to place the mix
  • Once the concrete is in place, gently tap the boxing several times every 1 – 2 metres to remove any air voids that may have accumulated at the edges
  • Level off the concrete and finish flat with a wooden straight edge
  • Final finishing can be done after approximately an hour, once the concrete has partially set and any initial surface water has evaporated. This is done using a wooden float for a coarse finish or a steel trowel for a smooth finish. Alternatively, a non-skid finish can be achieved using a stiff bristled broom
  • For larger areas consider the use of control joints. These can be achieved by either inserting control joint strips at the time of placing the concrete or after it has set, using a masonry saw. Joints should be placed at 2 – 3 times the width of the slab


  • Use CEMIX CONCRETE CURE WB to cure the concrete, or alternatively keep the surface damp and protected from sun and wind for the first 3 days. If decorative sealing of the concrete is desired, before using CONCRETE CURE WB please first contact CEMIX regarding compatible sealer options
  • As with all concretes, CEMIX MAXCRETE will take 28 days to attain its full and final compressive strength. After 3 days it will have attained a compressive strength of at least 20MPa, meaning it can accept foot and light vehicle traffic. At this time light construction work may also commence on the slab. Heavy duty loads should be avoided for the full 28 days


Ensure all tools used are cleaned with water as soon as work has finished. Should any concrete become set on tools, it can in general be removed using CEMIX CONCRETE DISSOLVER.


CEMIX MAXCRETE can be stored well sealed in its original bag, in a dry place, for a period of 6 months.


One 20kg bag will produce approximately .01m3, enough for a slab equivalent to 300mm x 300mm x 1000mm.

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