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CEMIX NO STEEL is a construction grade concrete used in civil, commercial, industrial and residential applications. It is a mixture of sands, aggregates, Portland cement, admixtures and reinforcing fibres. When used in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations, it attains a compressive strength of 28MPa after 28 days.


Used for applications including:

• Paths

• Steps & Slabs


• Reduced cracking from shrinkage

• Greater impact resistance


Approximate yield per 20kg bag:

0.01m3 (equivalent to 300mm x 300mm x 100mm slab)


1. Mark out the area to be concreted with string lines.

2. Excavate the area.

3. Compact the substrate - use reinforcing material where required.

4. Box the area.

5. Apply damproof membranes where required.


1. In a clean wheelbarrow or concrete mixer add half of the prescribed water.

Bag contents to water ratio:

- 20kg: 1.7L to 2L

2. Add the bag contents to the water and mix thoroughly for 2 minutes.

3. Add more water and mix for an additional 3 to 4 minutes. Do not use more than the prescribed water maximum as this will weaken the finished product.

4. Use the mixed concrete immediately. Do not allow to stand.


1. Place the concrete into the boxed area, spreading evenly with a rake or spade, ensuring the concrete reaches all corners.

2. Work the mix as you go to remove any air voids. To achieve optimal concrete strength, the use of a mechanical concrete vibrating device is recommended.

3. Once the concrete is in place, gently tap the boxing several times every 1m to 2m to further remove any air voids.

4. Level off and finish flat with a wooden straight edge.

5. Any final finishing can be done once the concrete has partially set and any initial surface water has evaporated.

Note: Allow for expansion joints where necessary.


CEMIX NO STEEL will take 28 days to attain its full and compressive strength. Avoid walking or driving on fresh concrete for at least 7 days. To attain the maximum compressive strength, minimise water loss during the curing process. Regardless of the curing method, do not apply anysealers to freshly laid concrete for 28 days.

Supplier Item#

20 KG - 21000

Download the Data Sheet for full information:

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