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  • 800gm



CEMIX PRE-MIXED GROUT is a ready mixed, easy to apply grout that is suitable for walls and floors in internal and external situations. CEMIX PRE-MIXED GROUT can be used in tile joints between 1mm and 5mm wide. CEMIX PRE-MIXED GROUT has a noncracking formulation which contains anti-mould protection. This anti-mould formula will help prevent mould and mildew growth for the life of the grout.


  • CEMIX PRE-MIXED GROUT is generally used for:
  • Internal wall and floor grouting
  • External wall and floor grouting
  • Grouting joints 1 – 5mm wide
  • Suitable for most tile types


  • Anti-mould formula
  • Up to 5mm joints
  • Pre-mixed ready to use coloured grout
  • Can be used on walls and floors
  • Internal and external applications


CEMIX PRE-MIXED GROUT is ready to use. Before grouting, check the ease of cleaning from the face of the tile being used. The surface should be clean and free of loose and friable material and the tile adhesive well cured before applying the grout.


No mixing required.


To start, shake the bottle well and cut the tapered nozzle of the squeezy grout so that the opening of the nozzle matches the width of the desired grout. Apply the grout into the joints by holding and applying the grout at a 900 angle to the surface being grouted. Using a grout float or squeegee, ensure that the grout is compacted firmly into the joints. To minimise any excess grout from the surface, scrape the tiles with a grout float or squeegee. Allow the grout 15 minutes to firm in the joints. Using a small-pored sponge, remove any excess grout from the surface of the tiles by working diagonally across the joints. Ensure the sponge is frequently rinsed in clean water. When cleaning the tile surface, use a minimum amount of water. This will minimise water float shade variation and shrinkage. Once the CEMIX PRE-MIXED GROUT has hardened in the joints or is “touch dry” (approx. 6 – 24 hours), buff and polish the tile surface with a clean dry cloth. When grouting in external areas, ensure the grouted area is protected from all extremes of climate until full cure is reached after seven days.


The initial set is after 24 hours at 23°C and 50% relative humidity. Aftet this, shower walls can be exposed to water. Shower floors should be left to cure for 3 days before being exposed to water. The grout will reach full cure after 7 days. Allow longer for lower temperatures, dense tiles or high relative humidity.


  • Do not use in expansion or movement joints, use a coloured silicone in this instance
  • Not suitable for use in immersed situations such as swimming pools
  • Depending on the application some concavity may occur in wider joints
  • Shade variation and efflorescence are caused by factors beyond the manufacturer’s control. This can include nature of cement, job site conditions, finishing techniques and uneven drying conditions
  • For more information on application visit www.cemix.co.nz


The table below shows approximate coverage (square metres) per 800g bottle of CEMIX PRE-MIXED GROUT. Allow an extra 10-15% for wastage due to application technique, tile types and job site variations.


CEMIX PRE-MIXED GROUT is available in 800g squeezy bottles.


Twelve (12) months –unopened bags in dry weatherproof storage.


Clean the tile faces with a damp sponge before the adhesive and grout sets. Clean tools with water before the adhesive dries.