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CEMIX QUICK FINISH is a cement based smoothing compound designed to provide a smooth, permanent finish to a variety of internal substrates prior to the installation of floor coverings such as vinyl, carpet and ceramic tile. CEMIX QUICK FINISH allows the installation of most floor coverings in as little as 20 minutes over concrete, wood, ceramic and quarry tile, all without the need for priming or additives. It is suitable for residential and commercial areas. CEMIX QUICK FINISH mixes with water to provide a smooth, creamy mortar for easy application. Engineered around a self-drying cement based matrix, all of the mix water Is chemically converted within the product. This unique technology eliminates flooring installation problems such as debonding, crumbling, mildew and staining.


Concrete floors must be structurally sound, clean and free of dirt, dust, oil, curing and sealing compounds and any other surface contaminant which may act as a bond breaker. Where required, mechanically clean the floor using recommended preparation methods such as shot blasting, scarifying, diamond grinding, shaving or other acceptable methods to a suitable surface. Acid etching is not an acceptable method of cleaning the subfloor. Do not use solvents or sweeping compounds. Subfloor temperatures must be a minimum of 10°C.


Depending on application mix 4.5–5.0 litres of water to 10kg of CEMIX FINE FINISH powder, or by volume; 1 part of water to 2 parts of CEMIX QUICK FINISH powder.


Cemix repair products react and harden quickly when mixed with water. Thorough mixing in the shortest possible time is essential to ensure a lump free, slump resistant mortar. Always mix the powder into the water. Mechanical mixing using a mixing paddle and electric drill will produce a creamier, smoother consistency. Do not overwater.


CEMIX QUICK FINISH is easily applied to any prepared surface using a steel trowel. Apply sufficient pressure to fill all defects and to fine the product into the subfloor surface. It is not necessary to leave a minimum thickness on the substrate. Use the least amount possible to obtain the desired smoothness.


CEMIX QUICK FINISH can be applied from a true fine edge up to 3mm in one application. POT LIFE Approximately 20 minutes at 20°C. Pot life will be extended in cooler conditions and shortened in warmer conditions. Mix only the amount that will be used immediately to avoid waste.


As soon as the CEMIX QUICK FINISH can be walked on without damaging the surface (approx 15 minutes), floor coverings such as vinyl, carpet and ceramic tile can be installed. When installing a skim coat of CEMIX QUICK FINISH over non-porous surfaces such as ceramic tiles or vinyl, always refer to the adhesive supplier for their recommended installation procedure.


The unique formulation of CEMIX QUICK FINISH produces coverage 3 times that of sanded products. A 10kg unit will cover 20m² at 1mm thickness. When skim coating over concrete, coverage is up to 35m² and over plywood 70m2 can be achieved.


CEMIX QUICK FINISH has a shelf life of 12 months if stored in dry conditions in unopened packaging.