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CEMIX REVEAL is a water based product developed for the production of decorative exposed aggregates to the horizontal surface of concrete. The retarding compound in CEMIX REVEAL reacts with fresh concrete by delaying the surface set so that the mortar paste can be brushed and washed from the aggregate particles to produce an attractive exposed finish to the concrete. This type of textured finish can also assist in producing a non-skid surface.


CEMIX REVEAL is generally used on fresh concrete for the production of decorative exposed aggregates to the horizontal surface of concrete.


  • Can assist in producing a non skid surface
  • Can be sprayed with normal spray equipment or garden spray
APPLICATION Place concrete in formwork and wood float surface covering all stones. Spray on undiluted CEMIX REVEAL uniformly to the fresh concrete surface just as the surface (bleed) water disappears. Protect the coated surface from wind, rain or hot sun. Generally within 12 - 24 hours after application remove the retarded top layer of mortar with a stiff broom and hosed water, leaving a clean exposed aggregate surface. If extremely small aggregate is used, is important not to start the wash off too early, as bare spots may be created. DEPTH OF ETCH 3 - 6mm approximately. The setting time will be influenced by air temperature, cement type, content and slump. Temperatures lower 20°C will increase the retardation period of CEMIX REVEAL. If the surface is not washed off within 12 - 24 hours the surface concrete will set and reach full strength. A trial run is recommended before general application to determine timing and the depth of etch required. It is not recommended that fast set admixtures be used in concrete when treating with CEMIX REVEAL. AGITATION Agitate product well before use. TECHNICAL DATA
  • Appearance – Red transparent liquid
  • Application Temp – 10°C – 30°C
  • Yield / Coverage – Approximately 5m²/L
  • Viscosity – Sprayable with normal spray equipment or garden spray
  • Specific Gravity – 1.04kg/litre
The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations may occur on site. STORAGE Twelve (12) months when stored in unopened, original containers. Storage area should be not exposed to extreme temperatures. Do not expose to direct sunlight in storage.

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