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RUBBERGUARD CORNER 90 INERNAL ensures the most critical areas are protected so the waterproofing application is successful, surviving the test of time. Waterproofing Corners take away the guess work at the most critical areas, ensuring a quality watertight seal that accommodates movement in a variety of different waterproofing applications. These corners are made from a unique grade of rubber, providing an elastic “flexible zone” that follows the line of the wall/floor junction, forming a rupture resistant seal at corner intersections.


  • Wet Areas, showers & laundries
  • Roofs, decks, balconies, podiums
  • Planter boxes, garden beds
  • Ponds, tanks, water features
  • Waterproofing corner intersections wherever Cemix membranes are to be applied


  • Ensures a seamless elastic seal at joint intersections.
  • Waterproof and a vapour barrier.
  • Fast effective application.
  • Enables 100% elastic recovery when exposed to movement
  • High strength and excellent tear resistance
  • Long term sealing protection at volatile areas
  • Eliminates lapping and cutting of fabrics at critical corner areas
  • Compatible and guaranteed with all Cemix membranes
SUBSTRATE PREPARATION Ensure the surface is clean, free of dust, loose foreign matter and debris. Surfaces must be free of oil, wax or grease residues. Wiping over with alcohol based cleaner is recommended so optimum adhesion can be achieved. If applying over dusty concrete, masonry surfaces, prime first with Cemix primer to stabilise surface. APPLICATION Over primed surface (CEMIX TILE BOND LATEX) apply a thick coating of the waterproofing membrane CEMIX RUBBERGUARD. With a suitable flat blade knife, fit the corner ensuring no large pockets of membrane or the inclusion of air pockets exist behind the bandage. Apply CEMIX RUBBERGUARD on top of the corner so that it is fully embedded into the first layer. Horizontal tapes (wall and floor joints) should overlap on to the corner by 80mm. Vertical tapes should overlap on to the corner by 40mm. TECHNICAL DATA
  • Application Temp – 5 – 30°C
The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations may occur on site. STORAGE RUBBERGUARD CORNER 90 INERNAL needs to be stored in a cool dry place. CLEANING Clean all tools with water & brush immediately after use.