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CEMIX RUBBERGUARD 360° WATERPROOFING PIPE SLEEVE is a non-adhesive tape designed to seal protruding pipework, over cementitious and plasterboard surfaces. It is used as part of the CEMIX RUBBERGUARD waterproofing system.


For reinforcing pertruding pipework, from 10mm to 50mm in diameter, in conjunction with the CEMIX RUBBERGUARD system. Suitable for interior use.


• Seamless seal

• Tear and rupture resistant

• Flexible - elastic recovery when exposed to movement


BRANZ appraised when used as part of the CEMIX RUBBERGUARD waterproofing system.


The substrate should be free of dust, grease, wax, oil, dirt, loose plaster, laitance, curing compounds, paint and all other friable materials and contaminants likely to prevent bonding.

New concrete should be left with a wood float finish and sufficiently aged as per manufacturer's recommendations.

All substrates should be structurally sound, securely fastened and properly supported to eliminate any movement that may cause cracking.

It is recommended to prime the surface with CEMIX TILE BOND LATEX to stabilise the surface.

After priming, it is recommended to apply a neutral, cure sealant to all wall and floor junctions and joints.


1. Identify the width of the pipe and match it to one of the pre-drawn circles on the pipe sleeve.

2. Cut a hole in the CEMIX RUBBERGUARD 360°WATERPROOFING PIPE SLEEVE to one circle width less than the pipe diameter to ensure a tight fit over the pipe and to produce a funnel shape when embedded onto the wall.

3. Using a spatula, embed the pipe sleeve into this wet coat, ensuring there are no large pockets of membrane nor air behind it.

4. Apply a second coat of CEMIX RUBBERGUARD waterproofing membrane.

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Download the Data Sheet for full information:

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