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CEMIX SUPER TILE BOND is a rigid set, exceptionally high strength, high quality cement based adhesive ideal for bonding most types of ceramic tiles, porcelain, mosaic, natural stone, marble and granite for floor applications. Suitable for both thick and thin bed applications. When using ceramic tiles of low water absorption such as fully vitrified, monocottura or quarry tiles, natural stone, marble and slate, mix SUPER TILE BOND with TILE BOND LATEX as a total water replacement to produce improved adhesion, flexural and compressive strength. A mix of SUPER TILE BOND and TILE BOND LATEX should also be used on more difficult surfaces including those in fully immersed situations or high point loads etc.


Ideal for bonding most types of ceramic tiles, porcelain, mosaic, natural stone, marble and granite for wall and floor applications.
Can be used in thick and thin bed applications.


  • High strength
  • High quality
  • Cement based adhesive
  • Rigid setting


The substrate should be free of dust, grease, dirt, loose plaster, laitence, curing compounds, paint etc. New concrete should be sufficiently aged and shiny smooth surfaces on old concrete should be acid etched or scabbled. Any surface in doubt should be primed with CEMIX TILE BOND LATEX brushed on straight from the container. Allow to become tacky before tiling. All substrates should be securely fastened and properly supported to eliminate any movement which may cause cracking.


1. Add approx 200ml of water for every kg of CEMIX SUPER TILE BOND.
2. Sprinkle CEMIX SUPER TILE BOND slowly into the water, mixing constantly until a tick creamy toothpaste consistency is achieved – with no lumps.
3. Allow to stand for 5 minutes and re mix and then the adhesive is ready to use.
CEMIX TILE BOND LATEX be used as a total water replacement in areas subject to movement, vibration, thermal fluctuation, expansion or contraction, immersed applications and when adhering to non porous surfaces or tiles. In such situations please ensure that a minimum of 90% of adhesive contact is achieved to the back of the tiles. DO NOT aerate the mix by stirring over vigorously or for too long. The mix should be stiff enough to keep its shape when spread with a notched trowel.


Spread the adhesive evenly with a notched trowel, and lay the tiles with a good pressure, twisting to ensure good contact with the adhesive. In more demanding exterior situations, or if tiles with high ribs or lugs are being used, it is preferable to spread the backs of the tiles with a thin layer of adhesive before laying. Remove excess adhesive from between the tiles and clean the tile faces with a damp sponge before the adhesive sets. Grouting may be undertaken after 24 hours but allow a further 24 hours before general use.


Varies according to size from approximately:
1.5kg per sq. metre for mosaics using a 4mm notched trowel.
2.5kg per sq. metre for ordinary ceramics using a 6.5mm notched trowel.
4.0kg per sq. metre for large tiles using a 10mm notched trowel.


CEMIX SUPER TILE BOND is packed in 5kg & 10kg in Plastic Pails and 20kg bags.

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