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CEMIX WOODEN FLOOR LEVELLER is a partially self smoothing latex leveller with excellent properties of adhesion, flexibility and water resistance for use prior to the installation of ceramic tiles, carpet, floating floors and vinyl floor coverings. It is easy to mix and produces a smooth, flat surface. CEMIX WOODEN FLOOR LEVELLER can be laid from a featheredge to 12mm in one application. CEMIX WOODEN FLOOR LEVELLER can be installed indoors only over a number of substrates including timber and concrete.


All timber floors must be sanded prior to using CEMIX WOODEN FLOOR LEVELLER. Sub-floors must be solid, clean and free of dust, plaster droppings, grease, paint, polish and any loosely adhered or water-softenable material. On absorbent surfaces it may be necessary to prime the surface (see priming instructions). Prior to levelling wooden floors, re-nail and firmly fix all loose boards. Where timber floors are sufficiently rigid but are uneven and worn, or where there is differential movement between floor boards, the technique is to pre-level the timber with CEMIX WOODEN FLOOR LEVELLER prior to screw or nail fixing 6mm-12mm thick plywood or fibre-cement sheets to provide a sound and stable base for the new flooring.


On absorbent surfaces it is necessary to prime the surface with a brush or broom using the primer inside this kit. Allow the primer to dry before applying the CEMIX  WOODEN FLOOR LEVELLER.
Note: Only use enough primer to cover the prepared surface in a thin layer.


  1. Use 12kg of powder with 2.7L of liquid (entire components of kit)
  2. Ensure the liquid component is mixed by shaking bottle thoroughly. Pour into a clean mixing container and gradually add the powder whilst mixing. Thorough mixing in the shortest possible time is essential to provide a lump free mortar. Always mix the powder into the liquid
  3. The most efficient method of mixing is by using a mixing paddle and a heavy duty electric drill (650rpm). Normal mixing time is 1-2 minutes. Concrete mixers and hand mixing are not suitable methods of mixing


Pour the mixed CEMIX WOODEN FLOOR LEVELLER mortar onto the prepared subfloor and spread into place using a stand-up spreader or hand trowel. The use of a spiked roller will assist in smoothing the mortar. Where rising damp is present it is recommended that a suitable damp-proof membrane be applied on top of the hardened CEMIX WOODEN FLOOR LEVELLER. The adhesion and hardening of the CEMIX WOODEN FLOOR LEVELLER is unaffected by the presence of dampness in the sub-floor, providing the floor is free of surface water.


Working time of CEMIX WOODEN FLOOR LEVELLER mortar will be approximately 30 minutes @ 20°C. The surface can be walked on after approximately 3 hours  ependingd on thickness and temperatures. Ceramic tiles can be installed after 12 hours on a 3mm CEMIX WOODEN FLOOR LEVELLER. Allow 24 hours drying time before the installation of carpet and 48 hours before the installation of vinyl.


Approximately 7m2 per 14.7kg unit at 1mm bed thickness or 2.3m2 at 3mm bed thickness.

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