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General purpose and precision grouting applications including:

• Small repairs to old and new concrete

• Anchor bolts and rods

• Void, recess and cavity filling


• Versatile - pourable and trowelable

• Resistant to water borne salts

• Abrasion resistant


Approximately 0.54L or 0.00054m3 per kg of product with 180ml of water.

STANDARDS: Complies with NZS 4210:2000


The substrate should be free of dust, grease, wax, oil, dirt, loose plaster, laitance, curing compounds, paint and all other friable materials and contaminants likely to prevent the grout bonding.

All substrates should be structurally sound, securely fastened and properly supported to eliminate any movement that may cause cracking. All concrete surfaces should be Saturated Surface Dry (SSD) where possible i.e. saturated surface with no free standing water prior to application.

All formwork should be constructed to prevent any leakage of grout while in its plastic state and to confine the grout during the expansion process. The formwork should be flushed out just prior to application. When grouting base plates, the formwork should be constructed with enough room to use a header box. The use of steel strapping or bleed tubes are acceptable methods to release any air.

It is recommended to treat any formwork with a CEMIX® formwork release agent prior to application.

It is recommended to prime the surface with a CEMIX® bonding agent before the application of CEMIX® REPAIR & GROUT.


  1. Add clean water to a mixing container. Per kg contents to water ratio: • Drypack: 90ml to 110ml • Plastic Trowellable: 160ml • Flowable Grout: 190ml to 200ml

  2. Add CEMIX® REPAIR & GROUT slowly to the water, mixing consatantly with a mixing paddle, until a smooth consistency is achieved.


  1. Allow mix to stand for 60 seconds prior to immediate application.

  2. Application is from one side only, completely filling the void, and avoiding air entrapment.

  3. Rod grout to move and compact as required.

  4. Trowel finish as required.


To attain maximum compressive strength, minimise water loss during the curing process (at least 7 days).

Repair and Grout
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