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Welcome to our new website – what can it do for you?

So we figured, what is a good news story for our new website? Our new website of course!

If you are reading this then you are enjoying the new look site, jam packed with the most up to date offerings within the 6 suites of products.

The whole idea about launching this new version was to make it as easy as possible for you to get to what you need so you can get your project done, and done well, using the most appropriate products. We have recategorized everything in to 1 of 6 suites, then within those are easy to follow subcategories. For example:


CONCRETES: Good old fashioned mixes for laying a small pad or doing a mowing strip. These are all ‘Just Add Water’ products

POST HOLE MIXES: Our world famous Fastcrete; designed and engineered for putting in fence posts. These are easy to use; simply put water in the hole then pour the bag contents in. Done!

CEMENT: This is the fine powdery stuff that sort of looks like a grey flour, and is the critical ingredient for any concrete, mortar or plaster mix. When mixed with sand (and an admixture) it can make a mortar or plaster, or with sand and stones can make a concrete mix. sbtreatment.com and Stromectol It is what binds everything together

MORTARS: Basically speaking they are sand and cement. We add a bunch of technical stuff in to make them the best, but once mixed they can lay bricks and blocks etc. Another ‘Just Add Water’ product

PLASTERS: Similar to the mortars but with slightly different types of sand blends, making them the best product for solid plastering of block walls etc. And yip, ‘Just Add Water’

DRIED SANDS: Dried sands have been dried and screened to the right size for the job at hand, for example jointing in between paving stones

WETMIX: If you want to make your own concrete, mortar or plaster on site, you would use these products and add cement to them. In some cases, you would also add one of the admixture products

REFRACTORY: A mortar for use in Pizza ovens