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Where to start with sealers

If you are wanting assistance with sealer choice then we can guide you through the steps, ensuring that the final result looks and performs as good as possible. For any successful project using best practice, we like to have you consider it as a 3 part process of Clean / Protect / Enhance.


Regardless of the age of the substrate you are wanting to seal, it will require a clean first. On old concrete this might be the removal of moss and mould, which can be achieved with CEMIX CONCRETE CLEANER. To remove any windblown construction dust or efflorescence (a white powdery substance, which leeches out and can sometimes bloom), a wash with soap and water might suffice though, there are low acid cleaners available.


These products are in general water based, low viscosity penetrative repellents. They sink in to the substrate and more or less dry invisible. CEMIX CEMSEAL WB is often the best product option for this part of the process. https://simplealternatives.com/

In some cases when the final finish is going to be the use of an enhancing product, people forgo this stage, though long term it does help to slow the flow of efflorescence and is a best practice approach.

Some long term maintenance by way of reapplication is required after 5 or so years.


This is where you decide on the level of shine if desired at all, using a topical (film forming) product. This of course is the part where subjectivity comes in to play. Sealer choice will always have a degree of subjective thinking to it (i.e what looks shiny or glossy to you versus what looks shiny and glossy to me might be two totally different things). To that end, we would always recommend that you get a small amount to try on an off-cut or on any part that is not too conspicuous.

If you want a slight darkening of the substrate (enhancing of the colour) then 1 maybe 2 coats of product will work. Basically, the more coats, the richer the underlying colour will become within reason. In general the use of either of CEMIX PAVSEAL, DRIVE SEAL or BRICK & BLOCK SEALAR are the best.

There is a degree of ongoing maintenance required for enhancing sealers as the UV rays will break down a topical sealer no matter what. It is very hard to put a general rule of thumb over this but you are talking approximately 3-5 years.

If you are wanting to retain the natural look then do not use any enhancing sealer.

When you set out on your sealer project, we can also help guide your local merchant on the ordering of the best products for you.